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  1. Patricia Bouweraerts
    Patricia Bouweraerts says:

    Sometimes I know what kind of day it will be. About a week ago, driving to work, there was a white car with something bobbing up and down under the car, like a loose muffler. Then about halfway to work, there was another small white car with a strap of some kind hanging from the seam of the closed trunk. I checked to see if it was the same car. No. And then I saw another small white car three lanes to the right that looked like it had something protruding from the left front fender. It was too much of a coincidence. So, I thought, ‘what do white cars mean to me?’ Well, I know they are often bought on impulse because that is the most frequent color of car on the lot. And the stuff hanging? Well, that’s just sloppy.
    As I got closer to work, my thoughts turned to the day’s projects. My first task was to photograph a department crew. Argh! I forgot my tripod at home! So, I got to the office and was scrambling to borrow a colleague’s tripod. She was a bit late, the tripod was missing a platform to attach the camera, the supply room drawers were unorganized and she didn’t know where the missing part was. Luckily, I was able to take the picture fine handheld. So, maybe my intuition is there, but my timing is a bit late!


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